Hi, my name is Krista Cogburn, welcome to Mtn View Dachshunds.   I
wanted to make this page a personal
introduction of myself and how my life began with the dachshund
breed. If you don't mind reading all about me
and my love for this smart and lovable hound that is so human-like,
then this page explains how it all began.

I got my first dachshund when I was 10 years old. He was a red
smooth male, purchased for $50 out of the local
newspaper and he had no papers. My family had grown up with
mixed breed dogs and we wanted a purebred. I
happened to notice the ad for him in the paper and begged my
parents to "just go look". When we saw the litter
of cute, red, smooth puppies we all reached for the same rusty
colored puppy that went home that day as "Rusty".
Rusty became my dog, as we formed an attachment I cannot ever
explain. Rusty slept at the foot of my bed under
the covers, laid beside me on the couch in his typical dachshund
sleeping position, on his back, all four legs in the
air. If anyone tried to rouse him from sleep and move him from his
spot beside me they were greeted with a ferocious growl meaning, "leave me be for I am content". My whole family loved
Rusty .We were so taken with his needing love like a human and his funny antics. He loved to dig and had one special hole he
always dug in. He would dig and bark, dig and bark. No matter how many times my dad filled the hole in with old motor oil,
sand, rocks, dirt, etc...he still managed to dig around it, and bark his way to China. Yes, we loved that little dog endlessly.
When he was killed tragically by a car while we were on vacation, my dad buried him in his hole. A hole that would forever be
filled with a dog who had stolen my heart and my family's hearts as well. It took us a long time to get over his passing, there
was a hole in our hearts as well as a hole that now held my beloved Rusty. We did eventually own several more dachshunds
through the years that we loved dearly, but no dog ever held the spot of my dear dog, Rusty.

I have owned several breeds since growing up with dachshunds, but no breed has my heart like this lovable, little hound. I
grew up with red dachshunds in smooth and in long coats. Sometimes I would  see a black/tan and be enthralled  over the fact
that there was another color. Little did I know how many color varieties the dachshund has, more than any other AKC breed.

I began breeding dachshunds in 2002. I was at a point in my life where I needed a hobby as I had lost my oldest child in 1997
at the tender age of 9, to Myocarditis, suddenly. This roller coaster of emotions with losing my child was a nightmare I wish on
no parent. Your heart is literally ripped apart, as mine was long ago at the death of the first dachshund I so loved, much more
so with it being my child.. Kelly has been gone for almost 15 years now, resting in the arms of Jesus and waiting with that first
little hound I owned named Rusty, yet both have left footprints on my heart that can never be erased.

Raising dachshunds is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, homework, studying the breed, and hanging on when the
roller coaster goes down and waiting for it to come back up. Many times I have wanted to throw in the towel as it has its
downfalls such as buying bad stock, and those can come with worms, Coccidia, ear mites, Giardia, introducing it all into your
kennel and causing you to invest in a lot of money, sweat, and tears to treat all of your dogs and your kennel. Breeding can
be rewarding but it can also be heartbreaking. I encourage everyone who wants to just breed a litter to please study all they
can and to find out the many things that can go wrong. We put a lot of money into the dogs. We feed them nice quality food,
provide a nice kennel set up with heat and a/c for their comfort, take them to the vet for checkups, medicate, vaccinate, and
de-worm as necessary. Many people wonder why our dogs  cost more than the dogs in the newspaper and the reason is
because we put a lot of money into the breeders we buy that have nice healthy bloodlines, the puppies go home with a 2 year
health guarantee against life threatening genetic diseases/disorders, all are UTD on vaccinations, wormings and well taken
care of. We  put the majority of our money back into the dogs for their upkeep. We do ask that you please study the breed to
be sure that it is suitable for you and your family and to please responsibly spay/neuter your pet! This makes all the
difference in the world and cuts down on adding more dogs unnecessarily to the shelters. We will take back any dog or puppy
we have bred with no money owed to you if you feel you cannot take care of your lovable hound.

I want to also thank my husband and my two daughters Kasey and Kari, for supporting my hobby and for being
there for me. I also want to thank Jesus for carrying me everyday!

Thank you for visiting with Mtn View Dachshunds and taking the time to read all about our love for this
wonderful breed! Y'all come back now and God bless!
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