These are our lovely mothers and they are NOT FOR SALE unless
stated. We have selected
some very nice girls with great conformation, health, and temperament
to produce
some very lovely puppies. I hope you enjoy viewing each of them.
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Mtn Views A Lil Pep In My
Step  ML


Black/tan long hair

Pepper loves to dig and
lives up to her name.  
She is a bossy little girl
who tries to dominate
everyone, but loves belly

10 lbs

Prissy is a big girl in a small
package. She is super
sweet but also a bundle of
energy.  She is a super fun
girl! She is the first one in a
lap and the leader of all into
trouble. She came to us
from Riversedge
Dachshunds in Little River,
SC. We cannot thank Ree
Reid enough for this
beautiful girl.


Luna came to us from  Nicole
Williams of Wissac's
Dachshunds in AL. She is a
black/cream piebald long hair
and is one of the sweetest
dachshunds ever!
My husband loves to say she is
his dog. We are so happy to
have Luna here with us. We look
forward to her babies in the
Grendox Mtn Mia Ms
Morgans Bleu Mtn View